EFT for Hyperhidrosis Review

I don’t think anyone has ever written a review on the success of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on Hyperhidrosis. For anyone who hasn’t heard of EFT, it’s basically tapping acupressure points while saying words to release buried emotions. A lot of times illness can be caused by negative emotions in the body and mind. I know it sounds weird, but I believe it now from all of my study into the matter. This is why many people who have been abused often put on weight as a subconscious protection against perpetrators. 

In all of my vast study on the cause of Hyperhidrosis, there is one thing that I’ve found to be ultimately true. And most Hyperhidrosis sufferers know this to be true in the back of their minds. Hyperhidrosis is almost always caused by STRESS. Finding the cause of that stress is what is difficult. However you can decrease the amount you sweat by eliminating things that cause stress in the body. 

This is where EFT comes in. Emotional Freedom Technique was developed to help people work through and release emotions and beliefs that are keeping them from being well. You can use this technique anywhere from learning to let go and decrease stress in the present, to working through anger, embarrassment and shame from your past. People have used it on binging and over-eating problems and have found amazing success. So why not Hyperhidrosis? You might have to face it from a different angle, but I think it could be an amazing tool.

We don’t recognize the need for emotional wellness as well as physical. Taking time to release those emotional burdens help you breath easier, and puts your body in a state of healing. I happen to know of a young man who’s sweating disappeared completely from using EFT. In his case, his sweating is was caused by emotional stress. Of course, if there are physical aspects as well you are not taking care of, EFT is only going to help as much as emotional wellness will allow. But remember, if your body is not absorbing nutrients even though you are consuming them, that could be from an emotional belief that you are not worthy to be well and to take in good things (or anything else, for that matter). Sounds a little complicated, I know. But never forget your body’s internal need to release cancerous emotions bottled up inside. EFT is a fast and efficient way to lessen the emotional stress that may be causing physical stress and therefore sweat. 

I have personally found other programs and techniques that work just as well, so I use them too. But EFT is easy, you can learn it easily on the internet, and you can do it without a trained professional. Just remember though, getting sessions with a professional can help in finding out what your core beliefs are and how to release them. One woman worked with an EFT specialist and went from being sick all the time (from allergies and illness) to having absolutely no reactions and feeling perfectly fine. If you get the right specialist, they will also mention things you can do for yourself physically, and help you release any blocks you have from receiving physical support from supplements or even food, or even an adversity to healthy food! 

Now for my experience with it. I have used EFT off and on for around 10 years now. It has been a lifesaver in so many ways. I use it before speaking in front of large groups of people, and it eliminates my fears and anxieties almost instantly. I have used it before going into mouth surgery and my phobia of needles in the mouth, finding that my fear went from being a ten to a zero in less than ten minutes and had the surgeon remark that he had never seen someone so calm in his life. I have used it any time I am uncomfortable, or don’t believe in myself. You can feel it instantly calm you, putting you in a better state of being. It has only aided in decreasing the amount I sweat, but it’s a lifesaver in terms of a quick fix for anxiety. I remember having to go to an art show last spring, and I was TERRIFIED because I knew people were going to want to shake my hands, or that I would blush. I did about ten rounds of EFT on my different fears and anxiety, my body completely relaxed and I had a wonderful time. I still did sweat a little, but not as much as I had expected and I was able to get through the night without a problem. 

Over time and if you work consistently (most especially with a trained specialist), EFT WILL work to break down any emotional barriers that are holding you back from becoming completely well. It can help you heal more quickly physically, and can aid in any steps you are taking to get your life back. There are so many tools in the world to heal and bring us back to a state of wellness, we just need to be aware of them and find out what works for us individually. 


Leya S. 

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