13 Things I Want Every Hyperhidrosis Sufferer to Remember

I’ve gotten a lot of interest in my comment about finding treatments that have helped my sweating. There are a lot of things I’ve done, and I’ve helped my sweating problem 80%. But it’s not cured completely, and it’s still triggered at stressful moments.

I could tell you everything I’ve done, but as I’m still in the process I’m going to wait a little while. For now I want to write this post because there’s some really amazing things that I’ve learned in the process of understanding my body and my Hyperhidrosis. I have felt so hopeless in my life, and have felt as though I can’t live my dreams. I know how each and every one of you with this condition feel. Before I say anything, I want you all to know I have suffered from excessive sweating from primarily my hands, feet and armpits. However I sweat everywhere else on my body at times. And when I say sweat, I mean beading, dripping, soaking sweat. My condition isn’t minute, it’s extensive.

Having said that, I have to say that my sweating has been probably the one thing that has motivated me TO live my dreams, to make things happen despite it. I look back on my life and see what amazing things have happened because it was so hard for me to live life normally. I love who I am today because of it.

Here are 13 things I want EVERY Hyperhidrosis sufferer to remember:

  1. Life can be lived no matter what problems you have. I missed out on a lot of life because I thought my sweating kept me from doing things I wanted. But my sweating problem motivated me to work a thousand times harder for the things I did want because it came easy to everyone else. (Note, don’t get hard work mixed up with stress. The reason my HH is so much better is because I made a point to decrease my stress while working hard). I wanted to get a degree, so I did it. I suffered a lot of humiliation, many difficult moments, and drips on homework assignments, but I did it. I wanted to travel, so I went to 47 U.S. States, Canada, Mexico and I traveled across Europe. I felt inadequate, and afraid of the intimacy that people show in other cultures, and I had a few small embarrassing moments, but I did it. I wanted a great job, so I went and found one. Now I attend meetings, meet new people, design amazing products, and yes I struggle quite a bit almost every day! But it motivates me more.
  2. There is no shortcut to fixing a health problem. Every health problem is your body talking to you, trying to get your attention to solve a problem. There is no quick fix once your body has manifested sweating. Sweating is almost always a symptom of an underlying problem that needs to be resolved! It can be anything from lymes disease, to hypoglycemia to cancer or glandular exhaustion. If you are overweight, that’s another sign that there is something deeper that needs resolving. At some point I hope to write more on the subject.
  3. If you have a bad moment, let yourself feel the effects of it. I can’t emphasize this enough. In the american society, and most likely others, we are taught that it’s not okay to feel our feelings. When something bad happens, we often feel embarrassed or sad or angry for a moment. But then we drown it with anything we know how. Food, drugs, exercise, medication or just pushing the feeling down until we don’t feel it anymore are common ways of coping. About six months ago, I went in to visit my professor from college. Another professor that used to trigger my symptoms on purpose showed up at the same time! He intentionally made me blush, and I could feel the heat and sweat all over my body. I said something awkward in my panic, and made an excuse to leave while he laughed at me. All my old feelings of feeling out of control of my body and not being able to heal my disorder came back. Having recently been told to start feeling my emotions instead of burying them, I went into the bathroom into a stall and just let myself bawl. I cried for a good fifteen minutes! Then I wiped my eyes, came out of the stall with a makeup stained face and went to walk the five minutes to my car. I have never once since then thought of that situation with embarrassment or shame, because I felt my feelings when they came. I validated them, I honored them and let myself feel them. I’ve seen that professor many times since then and have not had that kind of response around him to this day. Once you become more in tune with your feelings, accepting them and letting yourself feel them on the spot, the less you’ll sweat. I guarantee it. Sweat is triggered by both physical and emotional aspects. If you don’t have emotional triggers because you take care of them as they come, this will help your sweat to not be triggered.
  4. Life is not what you think it is. One thing that sweating taught me is that some dreams arent as great as we think they are. Being an excessive sweater made me look at things differently in life, because lets face it—It’s hard to become certain things with this problem. I couldn’t follow in my mom’s footsteps because of my excessive sweating. And now, 6 years later I’m thanking my sweat every day. I would have been married young to someone who doesn’t understand me and I’d have 6 kids. I would have had those kids before I found myself, and lived my own dreams. I was given the opportunity to make a different choice, and now I have a bachelors degree, I’ve lived my dream of traveling across Europe, I have a great paying job and I have had the opportunity to create great relationships without having to touch people all the time. It can be done… I proved it. When I was 16 and I discovered my hands were sweating, all I could think about was boys, and how I wanted to cure this problem so I could be worthwhile to boys. Sweating gave me the opportunity to appreciate MYSELF, because I couldn’t just find appreciation elsewhere. Sweating made me recognize that I can be worthwhile without all the things the world says makes me worthwhile. I found beauty in small things. I learned to love doing things alone, and finding people that accepted me.
  5. Develop your spirituality. I know that a common response to this is UGH. Seriously? What does that have to do with my sweating? Well… Everything. Two wonderful ways of thinking I’ve come across is Abraham Hicks and the book Radical Forgiveness. This way of thinking can dramatically change your state of mind, the experiences you have and how fulfilled you feel in life. Despite hyperhidrosis. If you go into all of your experiences with the mindset that everything happens for your own growth, and that your sweat is a perfect opportunity to become an incredible and amazing individual, nothing can stop you from living greater dreams than you ever imagined.
  6. What is YOUR sweat trying to teach you? Is it teaching me that I’m afraid of intimacy? Is it teaching me that I can make things happen for myself despite having a difficult challenge? Is it teaching me that I need to find my worth in other ways than the conventional “perfection”? Is it teaching me that I need to be a more unique and incredible example of living life to its fullest? Is it teaching me to be more loving and compassionate to others? Is it teaching me that I need to remember that my sweat doesn’t really take over my whole life like I think it does?
  7. Don’t become hardened by your circumstances. Use them as an opportunity to become more loving and grow even more. We have two choices with facing challenges: Become closed, angry, victimized and hard hearted from the hand we’ve been dealt, or take responsibility for it and become more open, loving and compassionate towards ourselves and others. I’ve experienced responding both ways, and let me tell you I would much rather create amazing experiences out of my struggles than be a victim of them.
  8. Use your challenges to grow, not become stagnant. Again, you have two choices. The more difficult the challenge, the more activation energy you will have to fly high. People who have not had many challenges often do not find motivation to be exceptional. You have a significant opportunity to make this challenge work for you. Pretending it’s not there in your desire to be perfect isn’t going to help you become the best you can be.
  9. Just because one dream doesn’t come true, doesn’t mean the next one that does isn’t better. I’m telling you, sometimes life gives you better things than you could ever dream up. I believe in dreaming, and continuing to dream. But don’t throw away things that could be even better for you. Start feeling that unlimited love that is there for you and think of everything in your life as something that is there to teach you and help you become more great. Find that satisfying love for the experiences that are thrown at you.
  10. You are still a person, even if you don’t think you are. Just because this is the challenge you are faced with, doesn’t mean you’re too different to find understanding from and connection with others. You are not some kind of alien, you are a person. There are understanding people, and people who are afraid of their own differences. Seek out the understanding people, and realize that those that are afraid of being different are usually judgemental because they have secrets of their own. Be an understanding person for someone else.
  11. Don’t be ashamed forever. I get that Hyperhidrosis is shameful, and embarrassing and downright scary at times. I hate it. But I have found the less I am ashamed of my disorder, the less I sweat. No wonder some people just grow out of this disorder. While it fits, it fits. Wear it proudly until its just too small for you. Nothing lasts forever, and life’s not going to wait.
  12. Stress exacerbates sweat. Stress exacerbates everything you don’t want actually. Start making small changes in your life today to help your body relax and go into healing mode. Can you possibly work less hours? Can you find a job that requires less stress? (Remember I’m not discounting that fact that it is incredibly difficult to even FIND a job with this disorder, but I do not believe we must be limited by it). Are you getting enough sleep at night? Find ways to relax and enjoy life more. Maybe that’s something your sweat has been trying to tell you all a long.
  13. Accept the fact that you have Hyperhidrosis. I spent way too long hoping I wouldn’t have to tell anyone I had this condition because I would just find the cure and it would be gone. Now, many years later I am finding that Hyperhidrosis has been a large part of defining the amazing person I’ve become. I am more satisfied with the goals I achieve knowing how much I overcame to get there. Hyperhidrosis is part of me now, and I’m much less ashamed of it. People often ask me now how I live such a healthy lifestyle, how I can be so committed to taking care of myself and how I’ve learned to say no when life gets overwhelming. Well, because I developed a condition that made me rethink my entire life, world and environment. It became my daily teacher that led me to find joy in the small things. The worlds idea of perfect isn’t enticing anymore, rather the daily joys and wonders of life.

Just remember that Hyperhidrosis doesn’t define you as a person, it helps you to make the choices and decisions to define yourself the way you want to be defined. You have within you the power to an absolutely incredible and amazing individual, so don’t feel limited by this condition. Use it to your advantage. You never have to be a victim of life, no matter how much it tries to control you. You have a great opportunity, so take advantage of it!

Leya S.

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Perspi-Guard Sensitive Review – Honest and Unbiased

I ordered this antiperspirant under the assumption that it would act just as well as aluminum based antiperspirant. They say it works the same way as botox treatments and claims to be all natural. Every time I buy a new product like this one, I can only hope it will work for excessive sweating on the hands. This one guarantees to do the job for underarms, but there is no information on the hands. I was willing to try anything that wasn’t aluminum though and sent away for it. 

The product comes in a little bottle that is a pump. The solution doesn’t have a strong smell, and it feels like it would be perfect for sensitive skin. I began putting it on my hands and my armpits. After a few days I realized very quickly that I was going to run out soon if I continued to put it on both my hands and underarms. I felt disappointed since, if it did end up working, it would be an expensive investment from here on out. I decided it was more important to see what it did for my hands, so I stopped putting it on my underarms. I saw no improvement in that area anyways, although I believe if I had continued for a few more weeks it might have made a difference. An expensive difference, but nevertheless a difference. 

I continued to put it on my hands, and even after 3 weeks I didn’t notice a difference whatsoever with my hands. They continued to sweat very badly. I don’t know if the pores in my hands are just too small to accept whatever particles are in this serum, but I can tell you right away, it didn’t work for my hands. I could see how it could work for underarms, and perhaps even face (although I do not have facial sweating enough to need to try anything for it). It is gentle and feels okay on the skin. My underarms did swell a little when I applied it for a while, but that could be due to many different things. 

My advice on this product is to avoid at all costs for hand and foot hyperhidrosis. In the case of face and underarms, my experience didn’t go far enough to give adequate information. They say you must try it for 3-4 weeks or more to see a difference. That gets expensive, and unfortunately for me it didn’t work for my hands. My guess is that it wouldn’t have work for severe hyperhidrosis of the underarms, but might be a good option for those with a little extra sweat. 

And that’s my two cents on Perspi-Guard Sensitive! 

Leya S. 

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SweatBlock Review – Honest and Unbiased

So, normally I wouldn’t write about antiperspirants with any aluminum based ingredients because I am pretty anti-aluminum. It has been said to cause arthritis and other severe problems in later life with prolonged use, and the high levels of aluminum in clinical strength antiperspirants will cause even worse side effects in the future. I even spent weeks doing a cleanse and getting foot baths to get aluminum out of my system after being tested for high aluminum toxicity levels. Needless to say I felt a whole lot better after that.

And yes, I know I just spent a whole paragraph telling you my negative feelings towards aluminum, but I feel like people don’t say these things straight out. We’re all about immediate results and satisfaction in this society that we don’t think about future consequences. Do your research, and don’t let feeling desperate make you forget the facts. Because that’s what I did when I bought SweatBlock.

It was about a year ago, I was feeling very desperate because I met a handsome young man who not only was into me, but I really liked him back. I wanted to be with him and I was too scared to tell him that my hands were sweaty. So I broke down and ordered SweatBlock. I said in my mind, “I’d rather have arthritis and aluminum poisoning and live my life now.”

It came in the mail quickly, and I opened one of the packets. The towelette had a strong smell that made me even more hesitant to put it on my skin. And after all the time I spent clearing my body of aluminum, I felt like I was betraying my body. A little dramatic? Maybe.

I wiped the towelette on my hands and went to sleep. After about a week of doing the same thing, my hands felt tight and uncomfortable. I suppose that happened the last time I used clinical strength aluminum based antiperspirant. I don’t know why I was expecting something different this time. My hands hurt, and there just weren’t enough towelettes to cover all my problem areas (hands and underarms) and have it be worth the money.

And besides all that, my hands still sweat just as bad as ever. It made a slight difference on my underarms, but when I saw that it wasn’t working with my hands, I decided to give it up. It just wasn’t worth it. I’ve never had much success with antiperspirants for my hands… some people can control it that way, but it never worked for me. SweatBlock definitely did NOT make a difference in the least for me.

I’ve heard from others that SweatBlock is fantastic for underarm Hyperhidrosis (don’t think though that the health concerns don’t apply here too). But as for Palmar and Plantar Hyperhidrosis, it’s been said to be less than successful.

Hopefully this is at least a bit informative,

Leya S.


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EFT for Hyperhidrosis Review

I don’t think anyone has ever written a review on the success of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on Hyperhidrosis. For anyone who hasn’t heard of EFT, it’s basically tapping acupressure points while saying words to release buried emotions. A lot of times illness can be caused by negative emotions in the body and mind. I know it sounds weird, but I believe it now from all of my study into the matter. This is why many people who have been abused often put on weight as a subconscious protection against perpetrators. 

In all of my vast study on the cause of Hyperhidrosis, there is one thing that I’ve found to be ultimately true. And most Hyperhidrosis sufferers know this to be true in the back of their minds. Hyperhidrosis is almost always caused by STRESS. Finding the cause of that stress is what is difficult. However you can decrease the amount you sweat by eliminating things that cause stress in the body. 

This is where EFT comes in. Emotional Freedom Technique was developed to help people work through and release emotions and beliefs that are keeping them from being well. You can use this technique anywhere from learning to let go and decrease stress in the present, to working through anger, embarrassment and shame from your past. People have used it on binging and over-eating problems and have found amazing success. So why not Hyperhidrosis? You might have to face it from a different angle, but I think it could be an amazing tool.

We don’t recognize the need for emotional wellness as well as physical. Taking time to release those emotional burdens help you breath easier, and puts your body in a state of healing. I happen to know of a young man who’s sweating disappeared completely from using EFT. In his case, his sweating is was caused by emotional stress. Of course, if there are physical aspects as well you are not taking care of, EFT is only going to help as much as emotional wellness will allow. But remember, if your body is not absorbing nutrients even though you are consuming them, that could be from an emotional belief that you are not worthy to be well and to take in good things (or anything else, for that matter). Sounds a little complicated, I know. But never forget your body’s internal need to release cancerous emotions bottled up inside. EFT is a fast and efficient way to lessen the emotional stress that may be causing physical stress and therefore sweat. 

I have personally found other programs and techniques that work just as well, so I use them too. But EFT is easy, you can learn it easily on the internet, and you can do it without a trained professional. Just remember though, getting sessions with a professional can help in finding out what your core beliefs are and how to release them. One woman worked with an EFT specialist and went from being sick all the time (from allergies and illness) to having absolutely no reactions and feeling perfectly fine. If you get the right specialist, they will also mention things you can do for yourself physically, and help you release any blocks you have from receiving physical support from supplements or even food, or even an adversity to healthy food! 

Now for my experience with it. I have used EFT off and on for around 10 years now. It has been a lifesaver in so many ways. I use it before speaking in front of large groups of people, and it eliminates my fears and anxieties almost instantly. I have used it before going into mouth surgery and my phobia of needles in the mouth, finding that my fear went from being a ten to a zero in less than ten minutes and had the surgeon remark that he had never seen someone so calm in his life. I have used it any time I am uncomfortable, or don’t believe in myself. You can feel it instantly calm you, putting you in a better state of being. It has only aided in decreasing the amount I sweat, but it’s a lifesaver in terms of a quick fix for anxiety. I remember having to go to an art show last spring, and I was TERRIFIED because I knew people were going to want to shake my hands, or that I would blush. I did about ten rounds of EFT on my different fears and anxiety, my body completely relaxed and I had a wonderful time. I still did sweat a little, but not as much as I had expected and I was able to get through the night without a problem. 

Over time and if you work consistently (most especially with a trained specialist), EFT WILL work to break down any emotional barriers that are holding you back from becoming completely well. It can help you heal more quickly physically, and can aid in any steps you are taking to get your life back. There are so many tools in the world to heal and bring us back to a state of wellness, we just need to be aware of them and find out what works for us individually. 


Leya S. 

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Hushed Sea Tea Review – Honest and Unbiased

Alright. I know that this blog was created mostly for the review of the ebook “Sweat Miracle”, but I figure, mine as well share my experience with the things that I’ve tried to help my hyperhidrosis, right?

Unfortunately I feel that in doing that, I’m going to be writing some negative reviews since most of the things I’ve tried have not worked. I guess that’s how I can review so many products. So it’s not all bad.

Now for Hushed Sea Tea. Let me see… I bought this about two years ago. My sweating was very bad and I found some information on the internet of people having tried this. I wanted something natural (you’ll notice most of these reviews are of natural products on the market) because I believe that not only do doctors not KNOW anything about hyperhidrosis or it’s cause, but they treat the symptom instead of the cause with medication, botox, iontophoresis and whatever else causes side effects.

Unfortunately for me, Hushed Sea Tea, as natural as it is, did have some side effects. It just so happens that sage, the main ingredient of HST, caused some water retention. I gained 10lbs around my middle from taking that every day. And when I stopped and did a cleanse, it all came off. Besides that, I saw absolutely NO reduction in sweat. Whatsoever. I’ve never heard of this happening and sage is not necessarily known to cause water retention (that I’ve read), but that was my experience.

And this really is simply my experience. My suggestion for you, if you are considering purchasing the tea, would be to take sage by itself for a little while to see what kind of a reaction you have and how much sage itself helps with your sweating situation before sending off for it. And measure too how much your sweating is caused by anxiety. From what I remember, the other ingredients in HST are natural herbs to help anxiety.

It’s a clever mix of herbs… An astringent and natural anxiety-reducers. Makes sense, that’s why I bought it. Unfortunately it did not work for me. My opinion is that this is, again, a temporary fix. And sage will only partially help if anything. I’ve also heard of this working for people and then wearing off after a couple of months. If anyone else has had any good or bad experiences with Hushed Sea Tea, we would all love to see your experience in the comments! I feel that my experience alone may not be enough to base a decision to purchase off of.

Leya S.

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Eredicane Review – Honest and Unbiased

First of all, I’m not trying to sell you anything. I’ll put that out there right now. I suffer from both Hyperhidrosis and Chronic Blushing. I finally came across something called Eredicane, after searching for what seemed like ever to find something to help the blushing.

Now, I have to admit I haven’t really tried Eredicane. I spent about two days worth of time on the internet trying to find something cheaper. And, to my delight, I found another product online that has the EXACT same ingredients, in the same order. It’s called “Asian Flush Formula”. It was created for people of Asian decent that suffer from something called Asian Flush (blushing after drinking alcohol). But, if it’s no different from Eredicane in ingredients, then why not try this much cheaper supplement to help my own blushing? (I am Caucasian, by the way).

Well, I ordered it. It was around $60 for a three month supply while Eredicane is about $90 for a two month supply. I’d say that’s around half the price of Eredicane! Anyways, I began taking AFF a couple of months ago, and it has seemed to help quite a bit. Maybe not as much as I was hoping (I still blush often, especially if I’m nervous), but it doesn’t seem as chronic and I’m definitely not hiding my face all the time! It has also helped my sweating.

I think though, that combining AFF with 5-htp (since AFF didn’t help the anxiety), I have been able to be put on the spot in meetings, etc, without too much of a reaction. I have much more confidence and I feel better overall! Those two combined are sure to help at least a little for any heat related symptoms, even sweating! I forgot to take them both one morning and found my whole body a little damp and my hands were soaked. I think I’ll continue taking them for sure…

Now, you can decide if I’m being dishonest here by saying I’m reviewing Eradicane when I’ve only tried Asian Flush Formula. But I wanted to let people out there who have thought of buying Eredicane but found it highly expensive that there is another option. A cheaper option, which is slightly less of a blow to your wallet–especially if it doesn’t work!

Just know that this is a temporary fix, definitely not meant to cure you of any illness. Hope this helps…

Leya S.

UPDATE: Looks like they’ve raised the price of the 3 month supply to $90. That’s unfortunate. Oh well, it’s still cheaper than Eredicane by far!

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Sweaty Palms Program Review – Honest and Unbiased

I purchased this ebook under the impression I got from the description that it was a completely natural program. Because the author explained that it was 100% natural and targeted the internal, external and mental causes of hyperhidrosis, I was sold. I thought, this might actually work for me!

If there is one program I would recommend NOT getting, it’s this one. I’m just going to say right now, ALL of the information you get in this ebook is already available on the internet and you can find it EASILY. Number one, I don’t know how much I can say about the ebook without infringing on copyrights, but just check out this video on youtube which will tell you everything you need to know-  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_wdHKRWZI4

Watch the video and tell me that a homemade iontophoresis machine is 100% natural. You are welcome to try it, but before I ever bought the ebook I already had tried it. And I threw away all the parts to it and then promised myself I would NEVER do that to myself again. If you want to try it, yes- it works pretty well in most cases. No, its not good for you and it will probably cause internal problems unrelated and related to hyperhidrosis. It did for me. I have a heart problem known as rapid heartbeat and tachycardia. My heart got consistently worse when I was sending electric currents through my body to cure my sweaty palms. My sweating in other areas got worse, and truthfully, I wasn’t seeing enough of a difference in my hands after 3 weeks of torture to be worth it.

The last thing I have to say about this program is that the rest of information in the ebook has been derived from other ebooks on the same subject. And it is pretty useless towards curing your sweaty palms. Basically the author is taking free information that is available to you on the internet, and trying to sell it to you. And that youtube video I just gave you, has all the information you need to be just as successful WITHOUT spending the $30 to buy the ebook.

On the upside, they are very good about giving you a refund if you are not satisfied! They have good customer service and are quick to reply to your questions.

I am just another hyperhidrosis sufferer honestly seeking answers to my problem. I have been able to help it and it has gotten MUCH better since I have applied principles I haven’t learned on the internet.

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